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Object d'art

Object d'art, Architecture and Curios

Nadu is given its quirky character through the unique architecture and many special objects that find a home in the cosy environment. Some of the objects have their own special stories and are fantastic conversation starters amongst café patrons.


Amongst our collection of motorbikes – hanging up on our interior wall – is a Peugeot racing bike painted in white, red and blue. It’s about 40 years old and has come out from England.


The clock is an old railway timepiece that came from a flea market in Berlin. It still keeps (almost) perfect time.


Also from Germany, the hanging lights are old factory lights. All the glass in them is hand blown that means at night they throw incredible shadows.

Bench top and furnishings

The bench top is Kauri and came from an old community bar in Howick.


We love bringing a bit of green into the café and like growing things in indoor spaces. We think the hanging pots work really well in the semi-industrial space.


The black floating shelves by the coffee machine are old scaffolding planks that we painted and re-used. You see a theme here, we repurposed a lot of things because we wanted to re-use rather than buy new where we could. The front of the main counter was made out of marble that we had to hand cut to size.

Coffee Machine

The coffee machine was bought 14 years ago for a coffee roasting company. It was the 50th anniversary edition of Elektra, so they went back to their old colour scheme, hence the very retro look. There aren’t many of them around in New Zealand; this one was brought in by Atomic coffee roasters as a sample.