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About Us

Fantastic Coffee for Fantastic people like you.

Nadu is committed to sustainable practices where possible. Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in our belief that it is smarter for business and better for the environment and the people within it. For this reason we serve Kokako Fairtrade organic coffee.

Kokako are strong advocates for Fairtrade and ethical procurement of green beans and cocoa/sugar. All Kokako coffee has ‘third party verification’ from both Fairtrade and Biogro NZ, to ensure it meets stringent Fairtrade and organic certification standards.

Our focus on Fairtrade supports the coffee growers, by covering sustainable production costs and protecting farmers from market downturns. Fairtrade also allows coffee farmers, within their co-ops, to invest in their own local, social, economic and environmental projects. Relationships throughout the supply chain are important to us – from the grower, to the co-op, all the way to you, the customer.